Sharkoon PureWriter TKL RGB, mehanička tipkovnica, Kailh crveno linear, USB

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– The PureWriter TKL RGB is an ultra-compact keyboard without a number block which has been designed for a variety of uses and a high degree of mobility. Gamers will appreciate the steplessly adjustable RGB illumination as well as features which are essential for gaming.
Prolific writers will be impressed by the elegant design and above all by the excellent typing experience thanks to the ultra-flat keys. For mobile use the keyboard is especially light and the two detachable cables with different lengths allow the perfect connection wherever it is taken.
For maximum user-friendliness all the functions of the PureWriter TKL RGB can be used without having to download any software.

Reactive Low-Profile Switches for Gamers and Writers
– The PureWriter TKL RGB is equipped with ultra-flat keycaps which have a height of only 6.2 mm to support the ergonomic use of the keyboard. The incorporated red Kailh switches are optimally reactive providing an advantage of milliseconds in hectic gaming situations thanks to a short distance of only 1.5 mm to the actuation point.
As they are completely without feedback gamers can sink undisturbed into the action of the game. The incorporated innovative blue Kailh switches have a short distance of 1.5 mm to the actuation point and provide a detectable click and actuation point for fatigue-free work and a sensation which is pleasantly reminiscent of typing machines.
The low profile of the keyboard provides ergonomic support for wrists and hands without the use of a palm rest.

Steplessly Adjustable RGB Illumination
– The illumination of the PureWriter TKL RGB can be selected as desired from an entire RGB spectrum of 16.8 million colors. Brightness and color tones are continuously variable without steps. There are four lighting profiles available where personally chosen illumination settings can be saved for future use.
And if being a little more conspicuous is preferred to having a static illumination then the keyboard offers a variety of preset lighting effects to choose from.

Technically Geared for Gaming
– With n-key rollover support anti-ghosting keys and a polling rate of 1000 hertz the PureWriter TKL RGB is not only suitable for prolific writers but is also designed for gaming at an eSport level.

Ageless Elegant Design
– For compact mobility the PureWriter TKL RGB possesses no number block and its almost frameless design measures only 355 mm in length and 127 mm in width. The height is also as low as possible at only 23 mm with the supporting feet folded in.
The top surface is made of aluminium alloy and provides a silver edge framing the keyboard and completing the minimalist design with a touch of ageless elegance.

Ready to Use Anywhere
– With its compact dimensions and a low weight of only 503 grams the PureWriter TKL RGB is extremely portable. For more convenience of use the keyboard is supplied with two detachable USB cables with different lengths. The 150 cm cable is suitable for connecting to conventional PCs while the shorter 50 cm cable is ideal for use with laptops or notebooks. With an appropriate adapter the PureWriter TKL RGB can be quickly used On-the-Go with other devices such as smartphones.

– Color: Black
– Type: Office (Low Profile Keyboard)
– Switch Technology: Mechanical (Kailh Red)
– Illumination: RGB
– Adjustable Illumination: Yes
– Lighting Effect: Yes
– Max. Polling Rate: 1000 Hz
– Gaming Mode: Yes
– Block: 2-Block Layout
– Weight Without Cable: 503 g
– Dimensions (L x W x H): 355 x 127 x 35 mm
– Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/10 Android*

Key Properties
– Function Keys with Preset Multimedia Actions: Yes
– Anti-Ghosting Keys: Yes
– N-Key Rollover Support: Yes
– Operating Force: 45 g
– Switch Properties: Linear
– Actuation Point: Undetectable
– Click Point: Undetectable
– Distance to Actuation Point: 1.5 mm
– Operating Life Cycles of Keys: Min. 50 Million Keystrokes

– Cable and Connectors
– Connector: USB
– Cable Length: 50 cm | 50 cm
– Gold-Plated USB Plug: Yes

– Package Contents
* PureWriter TKL RGB Red
* USB Cable (150 cm)
* USB Cable (50 cm)
* Manual