Cherry Secure Board 1.0 tipkovnica sa čitačem Smart kartica (+beskontaktni RF/NFC), USB, crna

Šifra: 36385


Cijena za plaćanje gotovinom prilikom dostave, internet bankarstvom ili Maestro i Visa karticom jednokratno.


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– Contact/contactless card reader and encrypted key transmission
– The SECURE BOARD 1.0 is an ergonomic keyboard with an integrated reader for smart cards and cards/tags with an RF/NFC interface
– For added security and confidentiality, the keyboard can be switched to a secure mode
– Now the device can authenticate itself with a certificate and the key transmission is encrypted
– This renders hardware key loggers useless and because the standard keyboard channel is locked, BadUSB attacks cannot be carried out on it
– Thin clients that have the necessary software integrated are particularly suitable for using these functions

– Intelligent security keyboard with integrated reader for smart cards and cards/tags with RF/NFC interface
– Secure mode with authentication and encryption, especially with thin clients
– PC/SC smart card reader, CCID compatible
– Protocols: T=0, T=1, T=CL
– Read/write with ISO 7816 and ISO 14443 A/B compliant cards
– Read/write with FIDO2 NFC Token
– Flat design, low smart card contacting unit
– Satisfies FIPS-201 requirements
– Standard drivers for Windows and Linux
– One-handed operation of smart card module
– Awarded the Blue Angel environmental seal

– Hardware interface: USB
– Compatible chip card types: ISO 7816 cards
– Chip card protocols T=0, T=1
– Transmission speed reader card: 420 kBit/s
– Transmission speed reader system: max. 12 MBit/s
– Chip card clock frequency 4.8 MHz
– Contacting: mechanical swipe reader
– Mating cycles: approx. 100.000 operations Software interface PC/SC, CCID

– Compatible card types: ISO 14443A /B, ISO 15693 cards and tags
– Range: 10 million strokes
– Number of keys Depends on product, see “Models” table
– Number of extra keys: 4
– Interface: USB
– Cable length: 180 cm
– Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C
– Storage temperature: -20°C to 65°C
– Dimensions: approx. 458×188×46 mm
– Weight: 840 g