CHERRY MA 3.0 UNI podesivi nosač mikrofona

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– Adjustable and universal microphone arm for more space to work
– The CHERRY MA 3.0 UNI microphone arm is not only universally applicable and robust but is also particularly easy to attach
– Let yourself be convinced of its advantages and ensure more freedom of movement on your desk

– Stable microphone arm made of aluminum in classic black with table clamp (up to 60 mm)
– Swivel arm means the microphone can be positioned ideally at any angle
– Maximum load of up to 1.5 kg
– 3/8″ threaded connector with extra 3/8″-to-5/8″ adapter included
– Suitable for universal use: Not only supports CHERRY UM MICROPHONE SERIES microphones, but also a wide range of USB microphones

Technical data
– Width of product without packaging (mm): 80 mm
– Weight main product: 1,294 g
– Height of product without packaging (mm): 58 mm
– Max. storage temperature: 55 °C
– Min. storage temperature: -5 °C
– Length of product without packaging: 1.120 mm
– Scope of delivery: UM POP FILTER, Mic Arm